Our Vision

Bay Village Builders was formed around the basic premise of improving the environment we live in.  By making quality construction the central pillar of our company, we believe we can make a positive impact on this environment.   In times where many products lack integrity from a structural and visual perspective, we take pride in the construction of enduring buildings.   Buildings that are respected and well built will survive the elements and ever-changing tastes.

Embodied within our commitment to quality building, is our underlying belief in sustainability.  By placing emphasis on craftsmanship and durability, we make efficient use of the world's limited resources.  To take this goal to the next level, we strive to learn about and implement sustainable building methods and materials such as strawbale construction, modular building systems, alternatives to wood products as well as non-toxic finishes.  We are happy to discuss such alternatives with clients and welcome their creative ideas as a place to build from. 

Consideration of the larger Community is very important to us as well.  Through our relationship with the built environment we strive to affect the community environment in a positive and lasting fashion.  Bay Village Builders' logo reflects our awareness of the greater community. It is meant to continuously remind us of the importance of this broader context.  Through the improvement of our client's environments and their interaction with the public realm, we hope to have a positive effect on our society, our natural environment, and our interrelationships as human beings.

Finally, and most importantly, Bay Village Builders is client-centered for the entirety of a project.  Throughout the planning and building phases, our Team will continuously consider the big picture in order to merge aesthetics, client needs and satisfaction, and budget considerations to produce a solid and lasting building product.


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